Mike Walsh, author of Futuretainment is a leading authority on the digital future. A dynamic keynote speaker and experienced trends analyst, Mike helps prepare business leaders for what's next. With a combination of high impact visuals, unique consumer case studies and high definition video - Mike's presentations are a powerful catalyst for leadership transformation, strategic planning and brand inspiration.

Mike's unique approach is to scan the near horizon for what's happening right now and on its way to you. Constantly travelling the world for the best ideas, consumer innovations and disruptive technologies Mike curates the most relevant insights into bespoke keynotes aimed at helping audiences to not only understand but also influence the future direction of their industries.

Mike has devoted his career to being digital. He ran the market leading consumer insights house Jupiter Research in the Asia Pacific, and held senior strategy roles at News Corporation in both the Australian and Asian markets.

Over the last few years, Mike has advised some of the world's leading brands and corporations. He has facilitated insight workshops and coached senior executives at companies such as Star TV, the ABC, Fujifilm, DMG Radio, Foxtel and NineMSN.

With a dynamic and high energy presentation style, author and futurist Mike Walsh currently stimulates audiences around the globe with his analysis of the latest consumer trends.  His presentations blend video, high impact visuals and mind blowing cases of innovations from his experiences in the cutting edge markets of Japan, Korea, and China.

Whether a conference, strategy offsite or an intimate boardroom discussion Mike's presentations will turn the overwhelming tidal wave of new media opportunities into practical strategy.  Acting as a powerful catalyst for new innovation, strategic planning and brand inspiration.