Nicolas Bouzou heads the consulting firm Asterès, whose clients include governments and corporations. Its areas of work are related to growth, economic policy, territorial organization and health.

A graduate of Paris-Dauphine University, he has taught MBA (Masters of Business Administration) students at the School of Law and Management at Paris II-Assas University. Additionally for four years he presented economic analysis for the French channel ‘Canal’ and he remains an active speaker who gives hundreds of conferences a year in France and across Europe.

He has published several books, including “Le Chagrin des classes moyennes” and “La politique et la jeunesse” . In 2013 he published “L’arbre qui tombe et la forêt qui pousse”. He regularly writes articles for newspapers, including publications such as Le Figaro, Les Echos, Le Monde and the Financial Times. His latest book, published by Plon on August 28 and entitled “Le grand refoulement”, is an essay which fights against the denial of democracy.