Peter Sands served as the Group Chief Executive of Standard Chartered PLC from 2006-15.

Sands joined Standard Chartered from McKinsey where he served as a Partner from 1996. He originally joined McKinsey in 1988, where he worked extensively in the banking and technology sectors in a wide range of international markets.

In 2002, Standard Chartered, a client of McKinsey, hired Sands as its Group Finance Director where he was responsible for finance, strategy, risk and technology and operations. Sands also served at the same time as the Group Chief Executive at Standard Chartered Bank Korea and Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh. Four years later, he was promoted to Group Chief Executive Officer.

Between 2002-08, the headcount of Standard Chartered nearly doubled to 70,000 and by 2009, more than 90% of its profits came from fast-growing emerging markets mainly in Asia. Standard Chartered weathered the economic downturn far better than most of its competitors and announced its seventh successive year of record profits in 2009. The bank rescue plan, which was copied around the world, was based on a blueprint devised by Sands.