Noreena Hertz has been Economics Editor for ITV News since May 2016. An influential economist on the international stage whose career has spanned Europe, the United States, Russia, Middle East and Africa, she has advised some of the largest organisations and most senior figures in the world on strategy, data, global economics and geo-political trends. She also has experience moderating large events.

Her best-selling books include: Eyes Wide Open: How to Make Smart Decisions in a Confusing World (2013), IOU: The Debt Threat (2004), and The Silent Takeover (2003).

Hertz served as a member of Citigroup’s Politics and Economics Global Advisory Board between 2007-08, and as a member of the Advisory Group steering McKinsey’s Inclusive Capitalism Taskforce between 2012-13. From 2014-16 she served on the Board of Warner Music.

Hertz has been described by the Observer as “one of the world’s leading young thinkers” and Vogue as “one of the world’s most inspiring women.” She is Honorary Professor at the Centre for the Study of Decision-Making, University College London.