Sonja is a visionary, unconventional and highly inspiring executive with years of international experience in branding, marketing and strategy. She is passionate about building brands, creating unforgettable experiences and growing businesses. Sonja has vast experience in Asia as well as working and dealing with HNWI (high net worth individuals). The Munich born leader is daring, driven and delivers. She cares for people, loves to inspire, loves to share her experience and help others grow. She continuously strives for excellence and is known for her vision as well as her operational excellence.

During the years as Marketing Director for BMW Asia, Sonja was responsible for the brand’s strategy and marketing activities across Asia, including the introduction of the BMW brand into new markets. Prior to this posting, Sonja was Head of Naming and Branding for BMW globally. Overall, Sonja has worked in leading roles for BMW Group internationally for almost 15 years. Being well versed with the cultural differences between East and West and truly understanding what it takes to successfully establish brands in Asia, she has recently left BMW Group to set up her own consulting company.

Sonja is an acclaimed international keynote speaker that has inspired audiences in Asia and Europe alike. She regularly talks about successfully building brands, about female empowerment, about the remarkable differences between East and West as well as the magic that only happens outside the comfort zone.

She is a published author and acclaimed photo journalist that regularly writes for reputable business and luxury publications worldwide. Following her ethos of giving, she is also an active mentor to various young executives from different cultural backgrounds.

Sonja is originally from Munich/Germany. She holds a MBA 'Business and Culture Studies' from University of Passau/Germany and Universitas Padjadjaran in Bandung/Indonesia. Sonja has lived in six countries: Germany, Austria, Indonesia, New Zealand, China and Singapore and speaks five languages: German, English, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin.