Stephen King was Chief Economist at HSBC for 17 years.

King’s acclaimed book, Grave New World - described by Lawrence Summers, former US Treasury Secretary, as ‘a very important book at a crucial time’ - was published in 2017 to considerable critical claim: listed for the FT-McKinsey Business Book of the Year, it was later picked as a ‘Book of the Year’ by the Financial Times. Another of his books, When the Money Runs Out was also selected as a ‘book of the year’ by the Financial Times as well as the Economist and the Times.

Between 2014-17, King was a member of the Financial Times “Exchange” which, in the FT’s words, offered “agenda-setting commentary from leading policymakers, academics and writers around the world”. In 2018, he became a regular columnist for the Evening Standard in addition to writing for both the Financial Times and The Times. Between 2015-17 UK General Election, he was Special Adviser to the UK Parliament Treasury Committee.

As part of a portfolio of interests and following his career at HSBC, King was appointed HSBC’s Senior Economic Adviser in 2015.