Tao Liang is a blogger, best known as Mr. Bags to his three million social media followers.
Liang is China’s third most influential fashion blogger, according to BNP Paribas 2017 rankings. Liang launched Mr. Bags in 2012 and quickly became an arbiter of handbag taste among Chinese readers locally and internationally. Blogging across Weibo and WeChat, Liang’s encyclopaedic knowledge of fashion and the luxury handbag market has made him a go-to source among China’s burgeoning affluent consumer groups for in depth trend analysis, advice that engages his audience and also to help mega brands understand what Chinese consumers are looking for in the latest “it” accessory.
His influence has led to collaborations with Givenchy, Burberry, Fendi and Louis Vuitton , among others. Mr. Bags connects European labels looking to make a dent in the Chinese market with his legions of followers– known collectively as his “bagfans.”
In 2017, Liang worked with Givenchy to create a capsule collection for Valentine’s Day. Selling solely through WeChat to his followers, all 80 pieces of the collaboration sold in 12 minutes. Having studied international relations at New York’s Columbia University, he launched Mr. Bags in 2011 and quickly garnered a strong following of Chinese readers locally and internationally.
Mr. Bags is an example of a Chinese niche influencer (KOL: key opinion leader). Chinese trust and look to influencers to provide reliable and authentic information a lot more than in other countries due to a variety of factors.