Tara Hirebet epitomizes the essence of a strategic visionary and collaborative leader, bringing over 15 years of global experience across various disciplines to the table. With a multidisciplinary skill set and a penchant for tackling complex challenges head-on, Tara has established herself as a trusted advisor to C-suite executives and startup founders alike.

Her career trajectory is a testament to her ability to conceptualize robust strategies, drive stakeholder collaboration, and consistently deliver impactful results. Tara's journey is marked by a series of achievements that showcase her thought leadership, effective stakeholder management, and dedication to driving innovation.

At GOJEK, a USD 10 billion+ unicorn startup, Tara played a pivotal role in restructuring the food delivery merchant application. By bringing together the right stakeholders and implementing agile prototyping methodologies, she orchestrated a remarkable turnaround, transforming the app's merchant satisfaction rating from 1.5 stars to 3.5 stars and generating a significant increase in daily revenue.

Tara's prowess in product launch, growth, and new market strategies was further demonstrated during her engagement with Spotify. Her strategic presentation to Spotify's founder, Daniel Ek, and the global management team laid the groundwork for the company's successful expansion into the Asian market, paving the way for innovative initiatives such as introducing Mongolian Hip Hop to their music lists.

A master at synthesizing consumer insights and data into actionable solutions, Tara has led product development efforts at both Google and GOJEK across diverse cultures and regions. Her ability to translate complex data into clear recommendations has been instrumental in driving the success of projects spanning Google Search, Maps, and Next Billion Users/New Markets initiatives, as well as GOJEK's key verticals such as transport, food delivery, payments, and loyalty/rewards.

Tara's leadership extends to her role as the Senior Vice President of Research and Insights at GOJEK, where she established and managed the organization's first research team. Reporting directly to the co-founders, Tara spearheaded critical projects and played a key role in shaping the company's strategic direction.

As a thought leader and captivating storyteller, Tara is a sought-after speaker at leadership meetings, forums, and conferences worldwide. Her insights have been featured in prestigious publications such as The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Business Times, and The Korea Times, solidifying her reputation as a consumer expert and industry luminary.

Areas of Expertise
• Strategic Business Innovation
• Data-driven Decision Making
• User Experience and Product Development
• Stakeholder Collaboration and Management:
• Market Expansion and International Growth
• Business Strategy and Competitive Intelligence
• Leadership and Team Development
• Digital Transformation and Technology Trends