Tom Doctoroff is North Asia Area Director and Greater China CEO of JWT one of the world's largest advertising agencies. Doctoroff has spent 19 years in the advertising industry and has become the most respected advertising mind in Asia. He started his career with Leo Burnett in Chicago in 1989, and after switching to JWT, took his first overseas post as Regional Business Director based in Hong Kong. Doctoroff was appointed North East Asia Area Director and Greater China CEO in 2002 and promoted to North Asia Area Director in 2008. Doctoroff's rich experience working with Fortune 500 companies in Asia - plus more than a decade of living in China, has made him a leading expert in the cross-border management of brand architecture and brand building.

Doctoroff has appeared regularly on CNBC, NBC's The Today Show, Bloomberg and National Public Radio and is frequently featured in publications ranging from the Financial Times and Business Week to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Doctoroff understands Marketing and through his diversification into customer relationship marketing (CRM) and trade marketing, promotion network management and brand identity/design. In his speeches, Tom Doctoroff provides unique insights into the Chinese culture and clearly explains culture's inseparable relationship with business - using real life stories. Doctoroff's expertise has led him to grace the podium at many of the word's foremost business forums and the feedback is always tremendous.

Tom Doctoroff has built strong roots in China and is the recipient of the "Magnolia Government Award", the highest award given by the Shanghai Municipal Government to expatriates who contribute significantly to the city's economy, international relations, business environment, management standards and community development. One of Doctoroff's greatest honors in life was being selected as an Official Torchbearer for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Tom Doctoroff is author of the best-selling book "Billions: Selling to the New Chinese Consumer." The book distills what he has learned over the past 11 years in Greater China and cracks the supposedly indecipherable code of marketing to the New Chinese Consumer - all 1.3 billion people. Tom has an MBA from the University of Chicago.