Tommy Stadlen is a Founding Partner of Giant Ventures, the global venture capital firm backing purpose-driven technology founders. Giant has offices in London, LA and Copenhagen.

Tommy is Co-Founder of the Tailwind SPAC platform, which has launched three public companies with a combined market cap of over $1bn. He is Chairman of Tailwind International (NYSE: TWNI), and Board Director of Tailwind Two (NYSE: TWNT).

He is also a LP and Venture Partner at firstminute capital, the London seed fund backed by 100 unicorn founders.

Tommy Stadlen was previously Co-Founder of Swing, a consumer technology company chaired by Twitter founder Biz Stone. In 2017, Swing exited to Microsoft where Tommy held product leadership roles.

Tommy is the best-selling author of ‘Connect: How Companies Succeed by Engaging Radically With Society’, written with former BP CEO Lord Browne. He is a frequent contributor to media outlets including the New York Times, Financial Times, BBC and Bloomberg.

Tommy Stadlen is a former McKinsey consultant and previously worked for President Obama. He graduated with First Class honours from Oxford and holds an MSc (Distinction) from the London School of Economics. Tommy has been recognised by the Financial Times as a top 50 Global Ally Executive and by Entrepreneur’s ‘Best Companies in America’ award.