Tony Sales is one of very few people to have ever worked at both the summit of organised crime and the pinnacle of fraud and loss prevention. After a career spanning 30 years, Sales has expertise in a wide range of criminal activities covering the online and offline worlds.

He is the Co-Founder of We Fight Fraud and Underworld TV. As a child Tony, was drawn into a world of crime, that would lead into adulthood, with devastating consequences, not only for Tony but for financial institutions around the world. In 2010, after spending half a decade as a fugitive, Tony was released from prison. During the sentence, and a visit from his wife and children he had an epiphany. He wanted to work in Fraud Prevention. Everyone laughed at first but for Tony, it seemed like an obvious fit.

Now reformed and trusted, Tony is considered one of the world’s leading authority on Social Engineering, Fraud, and Cyber Crime. Working alongside leaders from law enforcement and academia, he has advised Governments, financial institutions and some of the world’s biggest brands on their fraud and financial crime strategy. His criminal insight has become invaluable, he is able to articulate the threat, unlike most other security consultants, making him a popular figure who regularly appears on TV and Radio.

Dubbed “Britain’s Greatest Fraudster” by the British media, clearly anyone with such a unique skill set is intrinsically valuable to almost any major organisation. Sales now provides advice to some of the world’s leading brands on their fraud and loss prevention strategies. He is Strategic Development Director at We Fight Fraud, an organisation addressing security risks for both business and individuals.

Sales and the work that We Fight Fraud undertakes is not just theoretical or academic. Sales’ objectives are clear, it’s all about fraud prevention and opening people’s eyes to what at first, they don’t see. Don’t for one minute believe it all takes place in the digital world.