Paralympian and five-time gold medallist Yip Pin Xiu is a trailblazer both as a para-athlete and as a community advocate.

Born with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a degenerative nerve condition, Pin Xiu has consistently defied the limitations associated with her diagnosis. At just 16, she became a national hero when she won Singapore's first-ever Paralympic gold medal at the Beijing 2008 Games — the youngest member of the Singapore contingent. This historic victory also marked the first time the national anthem, Majulah Singapura, was played at an Olympic venue.

Pin Xiu's journey to excellence has been challenging, yet her relentless pursuit of success is evident. At her third Paralympic Games in 2016, she clinched two gold medals in the Women’s 50m and 100m Backstroke S2 events, setting world records in both. She continued her dominance by successfully defending her titles at the 2021 Tokyo Paralympic Games, further cementing her legacy and contributing to Singapore's sporting history.

Beyond her athletic achievements, Pin Xiu's commitment to societal change is profound. The youngest ever Nominated Member of Parliament in Singapore, she has championed inclusion and a better sporting culture. She advocated for the development of a national code to address sexual harassment in universities. Presently, she serves on the Safe Sport Commission, which aims to create a sports environment free from harassment and abuse. She is also a member of the WADA Athlete Committee, promoting the integrity of clean sports globally. Additionally, Pin Xiu contributes to the National Youth Council board, which prepares Singaporean youth for the future, and the Singapore Disability Sports Council’s executive committee, pushing for the growth of para sports in Singapore.

Through her athletic success and advocacy, Yip Pin Xiu exemplifies dedication and influence, inspiring many within and beyond the sports community.