Founder and Creative Thinker of OMG Creative Consulting, a consulting rm that helps many corporations do their business dierently to have better results. He only took one year to win the Asia Pacic Entrepreneur Award (Most Promising Category) for his brand-new consulting rm.

From 1989 to 1993, while still a student at Pangudi Luhur High School, he served as an exclusive freelance journalist for Hai Magazine. His passion for journalism was evident even then, as he took an active role in managing a school magazine named Keris PL.

In September 1993, even as he pursued his studies at Atmajaya University, he joined Hard Rock Café Jakarta. By the age of 26, he was named the Interim General Manager, making him the youngest to hold the position in the Asia Pacic region and the second youngest globally.

During his leadership, he introduced several groundbreaking initiatives. Notably, he launched the 'I Like Monday Program', which provided local recording artists with their rst opportunity for a solo concert. This idea was subsequently adopted by other cafes and spread to dierent cities, creating a profound impact on the music industry.

Winner of the International Young Creative Entrepreneur Award in 2006 from the British Council in London. Ever since he started to talk about the power of the creative economy and has helped many new young creative entrepreneurs. In 2019 was elected as one of 70 human stories to showcase the breadth and depth of Indonesia’s and the UK’s friendship.

The author of eleven books on creativity and innovation, including two focused on the millennial generation. He was one of 70 Indonesian writers selected to launch an English book at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2015.

In 2018, co-founded Inspigo with Tyo Guritno. Inspigo it’s a podcast application focused on delivering inspirational content to upskill its listeners. At its inception, podcasts weren’t widely popular, but eventually, they became a signicant trend in Indonesia.