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Richard Branson’s Virgin Deals

The tycoon will net a cash windfall of about £550m from the sale of the US budget airline Virgin America to Alaska Air. It’s not his only big deal, Branson has launched, quit and sold dozens of businesses…

The Secret of CNN’s Turnaround: Flight MH370

Richard Quest’s new book shines less light on the mystery of the airplane and more on the network. Jeff Zucker’s order was to go “all in” and they did—week after week as ratings went through the roof.

36 best quotes from Davos 2016

As the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2016 draws to a close, catch up on some of the best quotes.

ASEAN Business Advisory Council Honours Rafidah With Lifetime Achievement Award

The ‘ASEAN-BAC ASEAN Lifetime Achievement Award’ is given to an individual who has shown outstanding leadership, passion and commitment and played an active role in realising the aims and purpose of ASEAN in areas relating to economic growth, social progress or the sociocultural evolution of ASEAN.

Nadja Swarovski: She wants the world to sparkle

Admittedly, “shine bright like a Swarovski crystal” isn’t quite as catchy a lyric, but it is a more accurate description of Rihanna’s now infamous….

Arnold Schwarzenegger honoured with Golden Icon award

Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger has been honoured with the Zurich Film Festival’s top award, the Golden Icon, for his work in film and politics.

Former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki’s 10 steps to getting started in business

Guy Kawasaki knows a thing or two about getting started. He marketed the personal computer to the world as Apple’s chief evangelist in the ‘80s, sits of the board of the Wikimedia Foundation, and currently evangelises for Australian design company Canva.

Khailee Ng sees upcoming trends in SouthEast Asia

As the e-commerce and fintech sectors in Southeast Asia flourish, other emerging themes that 500 Startups has identified in the region are peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, payment solutions, enterprise services, mobile revolution and media, managing partner Khailee Ng says.

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