Shark attack survivor, Achmat Hassiem, lost his foot to a Great White when participating in a lifeguard training session at Sunrise Beach in Muizenberg in 2006. Since then, Hassiem has made an amazing recovery.

Hassiem has competed at 3 Paralympic games and numerous world championships and international swimming competitions. He hold numerous continental records including world records as the fastest amputee in the the men's 100m and 200m butterfly. Hassiem now works as a Global Shark Guardian for the UN protecting marine life all over the world focusing on Sharks and Rays, including the female that took his leg, who he named Scarlett and visits regularly.

38 year-old, Hassiem, is living his dream. He received the Bravery Award from Prince Michael of Kent on behalf of the Royal Lifesaving Society. Reason for receiving the Bravery award was for saving his brother’s life during a Lifesaving training exercise. He is an Ambassador to Lifesaving South Africa and currently promotes water safety both locally and globally.

Hassiem presents motivational talks, on his life experiences and how he overcame the challenges he faced. He talks on perseverance and staying positive in order to achieve one’s goals. Inspiring them to believe in their dreams and to strive for them whatever it takes.