Over the past 40 years, Andrew Wallas has guided business leaders and companies, both large and small, to fulfil more of their latent potential.

Andrew embodies a rare combination of highly successful businessman and intuitive corporate shaman. He is both recognised in the outer world as a respected businessman with a sharp intellect and acumen, as well as being seen as an inner world guide with a deep insight and mystical intuition.

He began his career in business in 1974 in the Financial Services industry in London and became Chief Executive of Nelson Hurst & Marsh Limited. He grew this business with 60% per annum compound growth over 10 years and it was sold to Citigroup for £52 million in 1986.

By 1982 he realised that the rapid growth in outer financial success was correlated with a sense of inner meaninglessness and loneliness. He left the City at the peak of his financial career.

A subsequent spiritual crisis and awakening led to a 3 year degree at Theological College studying theology and philosophy. He subsequently gained a masters degree in psychology. Following several trainings in psychotherapy, he opened a thriving clinical practice in North London, working with individuals and groups. In 1990 Andrew underwent a 4 year training in Neo-Reichian bodywork within an object-relations framework. He later undertook Level 1 process at the Oneness University in India, becoming a Oneness Facilitator. He has also completed the Level 2 process, the Oneness Training programme and the Advanced Training programme.

In 1993, he returned to the city to establish Andrew Wallas & Marsh Limited in the Financial Services sector. He expanded the business from 2 to 235 staff with revenue of £28m and profit of £2.6 m. He subsequently sold the business for £26 million. He became Chairman of Martello Underwriting Limited (incorporating P I Direct) in 2004 and sold the business to the Royal Sun Alliance in 2006 for £37 million.

From 2006 to 2012 Andrew worked with individuals, groups and organisations creating transformation in personal and business lives. He combined his business experience with years of inner enquiry to establish a unique approach to change which includes body work, breath expansion, psycho-drama, intense emotional release, gestalt formulation, constellation work and soul purpose.

In 2012 he founded Business Alchemy Limited with the intention to create a global business, through transforming organisations, embodying light heartedness and achieving recognition as a pioneer. Instead of focusing on the outer machinations of a business, Business Alchemy explores the hidden internal dynamics of an organisation. These blocks inhibit the best efforts of the board of directors and staff to move the organisation forward. By unearthing and diagnosing these blocks, the energy is released and the strategic direction of the business flows in accordance with desired goals, outcomes and profitability.

Andrew specialises in mindfulness, viewing a business as a living organism, the concept of flow, the power of intention, the importance of clearing blocks, the need for alignment, the value of synchronicity and the experience of alchemy.
In June 2017 his book “Business Alchemy” is published by LID publishing.

“Fast-tracked healing”

- Vogue

“Andrew Wallas has a gift for transforming stuck energy and releasing you from negative patterns”




Financial Times
Andrew holds the space for you to reconnect with your inner wisdom. His skill is that he is intuitive but practical.
– Financial Times
Sunday Times
Andrew Wallas is a businessman and spiritual teacher who works intuitively to release old, destructive energy
– Sunday Times