With 20 years of experience working with leadership and corporate cultures, from small start-ups to big companies of 70.000 employees, Annicken Day helps corporations around the world develop unique cultures that make their teams perform at their best.

Annicken Day is an engaging speaker and storyteller who draws on her professional experience combined with the latest studies within management theory, positive psychology and neuroscience. The audience will walk away feeling energized, empowered and inspired for positive change – and with concrete ideas and tools for how to make them happen.

Annicken Day was awarded “Best Place to Work” 3 years in row, as Tandberg’s Chief Culture Officer. While she worked as Cisco’s Culture Ambassador she helped teams achieve 13% increase in employee engagement. Through her work she developed the “5 Building Blocks for High Performing Team Cultures” model, based on science and her experience of working with Tandberg, Cisco and her global clients.

Day founded Corporate Spring in 2012 and has since then trained thousands of leaders around the world in new ways of thinking, working and leading to succeed in the new world of work. She is also a columnist for both the Huffington Post and Business Insider. Annicken Day co-authored the book “Creative Superpowers”; on how to hack your culture and is the author of her own novel titled “Fly, Butterfly”; a personal- and professional metamorphosis story.


Annicken R. Day has a gift for transforming bureaucracies into businesses that buzz with creativity and joy.
-Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Originals and Give and Take.