In this virtual, complex, fast paced, high stress world, leaders rarely have time to think let alone change. Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour creates a space to not only transform their behaviour but their mindset so they get the confidence, clarity and time they need to be an exceptional leader.

Voted one of the Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs (2020) in the UK, her expert insights on human behaviour are regularly featured in Marie Claire. She is an executive coach, professional Possibilist, neuroscience nerd, and a catalyst for change.

A woman on a mission – she is determined to liberate that 3lbs of brain inside her clients head from overthinking and overwhelm, so they don’t just start seeing the possibilities, but start acting on them with curiosity, confidence and courage.

Her proven, science backed High Definition You Coaching Method is influenced by her time as a mixed race female leader in her 15 year banking career, where she ran a multi million pound P&L, weathered the Global Financial Crisis and led highly engaged teams.

As the Founder of leadership development company High Definition You, she’s spent almost a decade working with leaders and teams in companies such as Credit Suisse, AIG, HSBC and Allianz transforming the way they think, feel and behave.

Her coaching clients include CEOs, Partners and Executive Leaders from Banking, Insurance and Consultancy firms where she is known for her subtle balance of encouragement and “not on my watch” challenge that gets her clients the phenomenal transformation that not only benefits them, but their teams and the organisation.

Her research into human behaviour centres on the power we have to bring consciousness to our choices and the impact that has on communication, performance and leadership. Her clients deep dive into their habits, mindset and the implications leaving with practical, actionable techniques to inspire, motivate and engage themselves and their teams to the next level.

Gitanjali trained and qualified with the AOEC (Academy of Executive Coaching UK), is certified in the psychometric tool – Whole Brain TM and holds certifications in Neuroscience accredited with the British Psychological Society.