Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson is the Human Powered Explorer. Born with an intense natural curiosity, for 20 years he has been achieving powerful goals in the world of business and exploration.

With a unique blend of both corporate and extreme exploration as a background, Grant has challenged himself from the street level to the boardroom, and over 50 expeditions across the globe including walking across countries, cycling across continents, summiting Mt Everest and crossing oceans and continents completely by human-power. His preferred style is lightweight, self-supported and exploratory expeditions using as little support as practically possible. Grant now uses the knowledge he has gained to inspire and help sales and business teams make more effective decisions and adopt the mindset of explorers, to ultimately achieve higher, harder and more powerful goals.

Grant has been involved with highly successful expeditions where great decisions have been made but also expeditions where massive failures have occurred because of poor decision making. He has seen people die because of their choices. Grant teaches individuals and teams how to make more effective decisions by understanding the relationships between our intuition and our rational thought processes, the strengths and weaknesses (biases and errors) which self-consciously inhibit all our judgement and practical techniques and thinking styles to improve our individual and team decision making effectiveness.

He has twenty-five years of competitive rugby including 3 years representing the Singapore National 7-aside rugby team. Eventually forced out of rugby through injury including broken legs, 3 x broken collar bones, broken nose, broken ribs, broken ankle, dislocated ankle, broken wrist, broken teeth, dislocated fingers and concussion. He has also summited over 50 mountains worldwide including Mt Everest, Exploratory 1st ascents in Kazakstan and Kygrystan, Patagonia, USA, Africa, Winter expeditions to Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Australia, South America, Europe and New Zealand.


“A very high level of interaction with close to 1000 people over two hours. The audience feedback was awesome!”

“A world class experience and Axe taught me more practical take home value in three hours than three weeks at business school”

“Lightens up the room and a very interactive speaking style”

“Not the traditional ‘rara’ type of speaker, you really feel you are with him on the expeditions making the tough decisions along the way”



"A brilliant program for our team, inspiring us to think bigger, be bolder and take on large goals, our team is revitalised thanks to his session."
– Microsoft
"You know the session works when two months later you are still using the techniques he coached you on. His sessions are innovative, thought provoking and most importantly our teams had a lot of fun exploring the unknown with him."
– Spotify