Grant Rawlinson is a decision-making coach, professional speaker and facilitator, and a world-class human- powered explorer. He has walked across countries, cycled continents, climbed the worlds highest mountains and rowed seas. Coupled with 18 years in the corporate world, Grant’s unique experience and skills will take your teams on the most authentic, unique and exciting learning experience possible.

Masterclass overview
Among the most common fears in management and decision-making are complexity and uncertainty – something that all organizations and leaders try to avoid. But in doing so, they may be losing the very thing that guarantees their long-term survival. Complexity is itself the engine of collaboration that creates insight and inspiration and delivers the innovation much desired by the leaders of today. Dr. Beau Lotto and Lottolab draw on the latest knowledge in neuroscience, behavioral science and design thinking to o er a new way of looking at human behavior and the process of decision-making. The lab is a pioneer in its understanding of human perception and applies it to create transformational experiences, helping leaders and organizations to embrace uncertainty and use it to their advantage.

Learning objectives

  • A deeper understanding of the relationship between your intuitive and your rational decision-making processes.
  • Strengthen your strategic, critical, innovative and collaborative thinking skills and abilities to solve problems and make decisions as a team
  • The critical roles, attitudes and skill-sets in your teams that impact high performance.
  • The importance of preparation and planning in your ability to problem-solve and innovate effectively.
  • The role of scenario-based planning when tackling big goals with high levels of uncertainty.
  • Managing conflict in a team and how to move through it to get your team collaborating effectively.
  • How to think strategically to manage and resolve competing interests that arise among stakeholders.
  • The use of consultative techniques to work through conflict.
  • The significance of a clear communication strategy to build trust and alignment when working in high-performing teams.
  • Understand how bias affects every decision we make and explore methods to make unbiased decisions when working in high performance teams
  • How to prioritise tasks and manage time effectively to achieve critical goals under pressure.
  • How to navigate change under pressure and still reach your goals.
  • The role of belief when chasing powerful goals with high levels of uncertainty

Who will benefit

  • Management & leadership development programs.
  • Off-site team-building events.
  • High-performance teams striving for powerful goals.

Value and expected outcomes
Through this masterclass you can expect your teams and leaders to:

  • collaborate more effectively
  • think strategically, critically, innovatively and collaboratively
  • Improve their ability to make effective and critical decisions as leaders and in teams under pressure

What is covered?
The workshop is run in half day, full day or two day programs with audience sizes from 8 - 300+pax.

The workshop is facilitated by Grant and all scenario’s are based on actual events that occured during his world first expedition to travel from Singapore to New Zealand by Human Power. All scenarios are presented through dramatic and professionally produced video to create the most authentic, unique and inspiring experience that will emotionally engage your teams, bringing them on an unforgettable journey of learning leaving them wanting more.