Johnny Wu is a magician and speaker. Sixteen years ago, he was an exchange student in Canada. At twelve years old, he found himself in a foreign country by himself, unable to speak a single word of English. He experienced bullying and harassment from 8th graders, which severely affected his self-esteem and confidence. However, he discovered magic as a universal language that helped him fit in at school, make friends, and gain confidence.

Now 28 years old, Johnny Wu has become adept in various magical arts including ancient Chinese mysticism, sleight of hand, modern technology, mind-reading, hypnotism, and telepathy, all without a formal mentor. He combines these skills to provide a unique experience of "Real Magic" infused with modern technology.

Magic has been transformative for Johnny as a young entrepreneur, enabling him to navigate social life in school, make his Asian parents proud, marry the girl he loves, and provide for their newborn daughter. He now aims to use magic to change people's perspectives and influence their beliefs.

When hiring Johnny, clients aren't just getting a typical magician or speaker, but someone who can deliver a genuine magical experience at conferences. He understands that human brains remember experiences better than messages alone, especially if it's a first-time experience. Johnny is eager to share his journey of survival and success in the competitive Hollywood market as an Asian magician, inspiring pride in his homeland.

Johnny's presentations go beyond mere entertainment; he motivates and inspires audiences to believe that what seems impossible can be achieved. Drawing from his own experiences, he emphasizes themes such as transitioning from quantity to premium quality, fostering innovation and thinking outside the box, prioritizing value over sales, mastering the art of closing deals, and infusing magic into everyday tasks to drive exceptional results.