Embark on an extraordinary journey of resilience and triumph with Steve Judge, a motivational speaker who transformed adversity into victory. Following a near- fatal car accident that left both legs crushed, the doctors’ prognosis suggested a future without walking. However, Steve defied the odds by setting ambitious goals and unwaveringly pursuing them. His inspiring journey led him through an arduous rehabilitation, ultimately propelling him to become Twice World Champion in the challenging realm of Paratriathlon.

At the core of Steve’s mission is a commitment to helping people, inspiring others, and motivating many. His life’s philosophy, forged through the crucible of personal challenges, fuels his passion for making a difference. Whether addressing a room full of executives or conducting workshops for diverse groups, Steve brings his energy and unwavering dedication to empowering individuals to achieve their full potential.

What sets Steve Judge apart is not just his remarkable athletic achievements but his ability to connect with audiences on a deep, relatable level. This distinguishes him, making his presentations not just motivational but transformative experiences that leave an indelible mark and a catalyst towards achievement.

Among his client list are Rolls Royce, Toyota, NHS, HSBC, Financial Conduct Authority and The University of Edinburgh to name (drop) a few.

Steve Judge is the author of two books. His autobiography ‘Don’t lean on your excuses’ and ‘GOLD’ which empowers the reader to unlock the power of their potential and achieve their goals. A TEDx speaker, winner of Global Business Awards, Motivational Speaker of the Year and Regional Speaker of The Year numerous times by his professional association the PSA.

Steve Judge also volunteers his time to the scout Association as a leader and county president. He is a father of two and owner of a cute but cheeky cat and keeps himself fit with swimming, cycling and running all be it for the fun of it rather than competitively.


  • Good to GOLD
  • Riding The Wave of Resilience to Become A Winner
  • Mental and Physical Health and Wellness
  • Public Speaking with a Smile (workshop)