Annicken R. Day, CEO and founder of Corporate Spring, is a respected specialist in corporate innovation, motivation, collaborative teams and technologies. As Chief Cultural O cer and VP HR at Tandberg, a large Norwegian electronics manufacturer, she helped transform the company from a 300-employee start-up into a 1,700-employee global market leader, while leaving its unique culture intact. When Tandberg was acquired by Cisco, Day seamlessly integrated the two organizations’ cultures without losing business momentum and served at Cisco as Culture Ambassador.

Masterclass overview
The culture of an organization is the single most powerful driver of its future performance. Winning cultures are created through elevated leadership, deploying teams that are highly engaged, innovative and high-performing. ‘Elevated Leadership’ harnesses the energies of individuals who are motivated to deliver the highest levels of achievement – not because they have to, but because they want to. In this powerful masterclass Anniken R. Day demonstrates how mindsets, behaviors and actions can build, reinforce and transform your corporate culture into one with in nite possibilities.

Value and expected outcomes

  • An in-depth understanding of how culture and engagement can deliver success
  • New insights into how to think, work and lead in the 21st century
  • Tools that will take your leadership and team culture to new heights
  • Strategies for creating a culture based on passion, trust, empathy and a clear vision that inspires and motivates individuals to grow and innovate

What is covered?
The masterclass is full of practical examples and is structured around ‘7 elevators’ for leadership:

  • Purpose: Inspire team members to define their own personal purpose
  • Identity: Be clear about who you are as a team, what you stand for and believe
  • Trust: Trust your team and they will trust you
  • Care: Coach your team with empathy, even when you have to say something they don’t want to hear
  • Growth: Help people to learn, grow, stretch and develop themselves by creating a safe environment in which to do so
  • Passion: Always look for opportunities to inspire passion in your team and yourself
  • Joy: Enjoy yourself at work and inspire others to do the same