A management and strategy specialist for more than 35 years, Dr. Joe Divanna is one of the most respected experts on financial services in emerging markets. In addition to interventions on traditional banking and banking in emerging markets, Joe is an expert on Islamic banking and nance. He is the founder and managing director of Maris Strategies, a consultancy and think-tank for business and financial services. His cutting- edge, evidence-based global research is used by banks, financial services providers, central banks, government agencies, universities and technology companies worldwide.

Masterclass overview
Banking professionals, now more than ever, feel the pressure of the many major challenges: legacy of the global crisis; increased competition; human capital and technology issues. In the past banks could rely on customer loyalty, but no longer. The financial services industry constantly calls for ‘innovation’, but this is not straightforward. Getting it right calls for both strategic and tactical thinking. Dr. Joe Divanna works with C-level banking professionals to consider a select number of challenges on the bankers’ agenda. He deploys a method of strategic thinking from left to right and then right to left – from inception to implementation.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Understand the changing landscape of the world nance industry
  • Build strategy for competitive advantage
  • Create superior customer and competitive intelligence
  • Provide value to customers in an increasingly global competitive marketplace
  • Develop and deliver successful product portfolios
  • Translate strategy into action


What is covered?

  • Setting strategic goals to achieve top-line growth
  • Building intelligence about customers and the competition
  • Creating, managing and distributing product portfolios

Joe is a master at tailoring his message to specific audiences and his captivating style blends provocative insights and practical knowledge. The masterclass offers delegates the opportunity to learn, interact and start the process of creating solutions.