Jon Duschinsky is CEO and co-founder of The Conversation Farm, a global team of creative talent that develops ways to change how people talk about and engage with brands, issues and causes. Its clients include Nascar, Beauty Gives Back, the NFL & Alzheimer’s Disease International. After 20 years working in the philanthropy sector, in 2013 Jon was voted 2nd Most Influential Communicator in Social Innovation, second only to President Bill Clinton. Jon is the author of two books, Philanthropy in a Flat World (2008) and (Me)volution (2012).

Masterclass overview
Having a Conversation with millions of people at the same time is a new idea, made possible by the post-digital age and always-on communications. Companies and brands that tap into this global Conversation enjoy unprecedented growth in sales, enhanced marketing ROI, a transformation in the energy and commitment of their staff and a stock price that outperforms the market. But because the Conversation as a marketing and communications tool is a relatively new concept, it is one of the least understood. This unique and challenging masterclass will help your company and its brands embrace this global Conversation to deliver real business success.

Value and expected outcomes

  • You will learn how to put the Conversation to work for your particular industry and market situation
  • Part high-energy engagement, part intimate storytelling, part hands- on workshop, this masterclass will give you real tools and open your eyes to a new and powerful way to achieve your strategic goals

What is covered?

  • What is a Conversation and why do you need one?
  • What do you want people to be saying about you?
  • How to create a belief system that articulates what you stand for
  • How do you Create, Seed and Tend your Conversation to engage a bigger and more influential audience?
  • How do you use your Conversation to turn your entire staff into ambassadors for your brand, not just your marketing department?
  • How will your Conversation drive better results from your marketing and advertising?

Jon shows how to harness the power of the Conversation to build your brand’s bottom line. He explains that creating a Conversation calls for a subtle blend of advertising, marketing, PR and management consultancy, all driven by game-changing thinking.

Advertising and marketing leverage just the assets of the marketing department; the Conversation leverages all assets (people, culture, processes, products and expertise). An authentic Conversation can be truly transformational for any brand.