Robert Phillips is an international authority on the future of communication. Formerly President and CEO of Edelman, the world’s largest PR rm, he is co-founder of Jericho Chambers and a Visiting Professor at Cass Business School. He counsels at senior level and his clients include AkzoNobel, Aviva, Diageo, KPMG, Microsoft, O2, Shell, Sony and Unilever. In his recent book, Trust Me, PR is Dead, Robert Phillips boldly suggests companies take a more idealistic approach where enlightened behavior and beliefs are in lock step. But the book is not so much an assault on the PR industry as a prescription for its ills.

Masterclass overview
It’s no secret: the world has changed. Public Relations is dead and Public Leadership, Public Value and Permanent Engagement have taken its place. Trust is now more fragile than ever and must be hard won every day. The company of the future is a de facto social movement – its communications function is a network of highly connected community organizers. New strategies need to speak to the world of tomorrow. New models of engagement and leadership are essential. Accountability to citizens and society must replace the sterile and outdated measurement metrics so beloved by generations of consultants.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Guidance on how to survive and thrive in the new normal
  • New insights into how to think and ask bigger questions about your organization
  • Skills required to co-produce solutions with employees and stakeholders
  • Strategies to develop Public Value accountability
  • Discover the tools required to place Public Leadership at the core of your business

What is covered?
At the heart of the session are Robert’s famous ‘The Seven Strategies of We’, designed to help you navigate the new normal:

  • Accept chaos as reality
  • Radicalize honesty and transparency Build coalitions
  • Take to the social dance floor
  • Be the media
  • Love the citizen crowd
  • Communicate through actions, not words

This masterclass provides speedy and deep immersion in progressive thinking about trust, communications and business leadership. It addresses issues of purpose in business, along with the role of networks, wise crowds and building coalitions of the informed. The principles of Public Leadership, Public Value and Permanent Engagement are clearly articulated through real-life experiences.