The co-founder of the British luxury watch brand, Bremont, Nick English is a keynote speaker with not only an impressive business knowledge and a real passion for entrepreneurship and manufacturing in the UK, but with an emotive backstory that makes all sit up and listen.

Having been told it could never be done on British shores, and without a 100 year history behind the brand, Nick and his brother Giles battled the odds to set-up and grow a mechanical watch brand to become one of the most sought after in the industry.

Nick English talks with immense passion about the role Great Britain has played in watch-making over the centuries, and how Britain had it all and then lost it during the inter-war years. More importantly, he talks about the journey Bremont has played in the reinvigoration of this once large industry in Britain.

Extraordinarily, Bremont has managed to do this in a sea of Swiss luxury watch giants, by manufacturing its own components to microns in tolerance, to training a new workforce in watch making, to the marketing of a new brand which has won countless awards around the world. How did Bremont beat the odds? The answer is Bremont told a story.

Nick English is not a great one for relaxation and he certainly lives the brand. When he is not full throttle with Bremont he can be found flying and displaying historic wartime aircraft, riding motorbikes across Africa, restoring cars in his workshop or just loving spending time with his wife Catherine and their three children in Oxfordshire.

Today Bremont has spanned across the world and has gathered a collection of and featured in films including blockbuster films such as Venom and Kingsman.