Peter Davies was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Air Malta in March 2011 and tasked with restructuring the business. He currently leads the Airline Management Group, a business he founded with his extensive network of professional contacts to diagnose and deliver solutions for the strategic needs of legacy airlines, especially for medium sized and smaller nations.

He joined Malta’s national airline following his position as Managing Director of Air Southwest in the UK. Peter has over 35 years experience in the aviation industry, both in passenger and express cargo operations and has served as CEO of Caribbean Airlines in the West Indies and SN Brussels Airlines, which he successfully launched as Sabena's successor. During his term, Peter restored the airline’s stability after two years of operation by rationalising the airline’s network and internal processes and focusing on yield management on European and African routes.

Prior to that he was Chief Operating Officer for DHL Express USA where he was responsible for over 10,000 people and realised a significant turnaround in profitability and increased sales margins from 4% to 12%. Before that, he was Regional Director for DHL Europe where he established DHL as the leader in express delivery across emerging markets in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe.

In 2006 Peter accepted the appointment as Chief Executive of BWIA West Indies Airways which closed later that year. A new regional airline Caribbean Airlines of which Peter was Chief Executive commenced operations in January 2007.

Air Southwest, SN Brussels Airlines and BWIA West Indies Airways required extensive re-organisation, change and transformation. Sabena went bust and SN Brussels was the phoenix which rose from its ashes. Sabena had made a profit only twice in its 70 year history whereas SN Brussels Airlines made a profit immediately and is still going strong. Likewise, BWIA West Indies Airways made a profit only twice in its 66 year history. Peter recommended to the Trinidadian government that they close it and launch a new airline, Caribbean Airlines. After only a few months there was a discernible difference in the punctuality and financial performance of the airline.

Customer service has always been the driving force behind his many business achievements, and Peter is a compelling speaker on service, culture, leadership and change.