A pioneer of competitive, sustainable business practices, Jeremy Schwartz is the multinational CEO who led The Body Shop, Pandora and Conival PLC.

Earlier in his career, Schwartz was the Managing Director for L’Oréal UK, and Marketing Director for News International, Coca-Cola and Sainsbury’s. Currently, he is Chairman of the Kantar Sustainability and Inclusion practice and advisor to McKinsey’s Business Transformation practice.

As CEO of The Body Shop, Schwartz created the ground-breaking and highly successful vegan ranges, persuaded authorities around the world to protect endangered strips of rainforest, and travelled to the Amazon to source new ingredients and protect biodiversity by creating an income for local indigenous groups.

At Coca-Cola, Jeremy Schwartz created the multi-billion dollar Coke Zero brand, at L’Oréal he launched the iconic “Because You’re Worth it” line, and at Pandora he led the transition from stores to e-commerce focus, resulting in a 300% increase in share price.

As a leading innovator, Schwartz has demonstrated that a company can be both a force for good and a successful profitable business. With his 8 New Skills of Leadership, he identifies the step-by-step practical business tools that enable leaders and companies to increase performance and hit extraordinary goals. He addresses engaging stakeholders, transforming profit and loss, the future of work, and digitisation. At the heart of this ethos lies the need to tackle the fear of change which so often stymies individuals and organisations.