Raj Joshi is an expedition leader, doctor and elite warrior.

Uniquely experienced in leadership, survival and endurance across desert, jungle, polar and mountainous terrain, both in peacetime and in war, he has summited the highest mountain on every continent, led David Beckham through the Amazon rainforest, helped Cheryl Cole and Gary Barlow summit Kilimanjaro, looked after Josh Brolin in the Himalaya and helped the English RFU stage the highest game of rugby ever played at the time. His interest in the extremes of human performance – ‘going beyond your impossible’ – has helped him pioneer new routes through Antarctica, lead special military expeditions across Alaskan tundra, coordinate evacuations and extractions in South America, Southeast Asia and Africa, aid disaster recovery and relief in Nepal, and escape a hostage situation in West Papua. He has gone to places unimaginable and returned, alive, energised and inspired.

An enthralling storyteller, Joshi is able to connect the lessons of high performing environments to the practical challenges facing business leaders today. Embracing an Explorer’s Mindset, he shows how Expeditionary Thinking can foster adaptation, innovation, resilience, bold enterprise and, ultimately, competitive advantage. Through the prism of diverse, elite teams operating in military, medical and expeditionary environments – often in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous conditions – Raj shows how to form and inspire connected, cohesive teams and lead them successfully across a challenging, changing landscape by setting ambitious goals and achieving them, together.

He takes you to the edge of what’s possible, and beyond.