Filling the stage with apps and gadgets, Simon provides an entertaining tour of the latest in business, personal finance and digital trends.

He has presented talks at over one hundred events internationally. Simon has also met with the top minds in the industry – including CEOs of IBM, Nokia and Research in Motion – to stay on top of what’s really going down.

Simon is a broadcaster, designer and technologist. He hosts a weekly radio show on 5FM and two podcasts - Binary and Take Back the Day where he explores the worlds of productivity, philosopy and transendence through technology. Simon also heads up product design at Curve and is an advisor at AlphaCode and 22seven.

In the past Simon contributed to a selection of technology, business and lifestyle publications including Brainstorm, PC Format, Africa Telecoms and Stuff. He wrote a chapter on Mark Shuttleworth for the book South Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs. Before that he worked as a communications consultant and writer with clients including Google, Microsoft, Oracle, The Shuttleworth Foundation and others.

Simon was also a talk show host on Talk Radio 702 from 2008 to 2010. In recent months he has met with former IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, former joint-CEO of Research In Motion (BlackBerry) Jim Balsillie, and many more, gathering the latest insights for his talks, shows and writing.

Simon sees most of the world’s problems as education challenges with design and technology as key components of their resolution. He believes that smart is not something you are, but something you do.