Dr. Simon Moores is a disruptive technologist and security futurist as well as Vice President of the Conservative Technology Forum and Director of the open market policy think tank, Aediles.

A former UK ‘Technology Ambassador’ during the Government of Tony Blair, he co-authored the Conservative ‘Digital Plan for Britain’ and authored ‘March of the Spiders’, a consultative publication on evolving copyright challenges for the European Parliament. He advises government and businesses on the evolution and development of new technology.

Moores is regarded as an expert on ‘disruptive innovation’; the introduction of any technology that has the potential to rapidly disrupt and displace an earlier technology with consequential market and societal implications. He writes and lectures extensively on Information Security and the topic of 'Big Data,' which is becoming an increasingly important management challenge for corporations, as expanding information models converge with powerful analytics tools, Cloud Computing models and accelerating processor speeds.

Moores is Managing Director of Zentelligence (Research) Ltd and Chair of the annual international eCrime Congress. A former chief executive and Chairman of The Research Group, he has chaired and presented at many well-respected IT User Groups and Forums and conferences, which include Visa’s annual Payment Card Industry (PCI/DSS) Europe, the ‘Emirates Forum’ in Dubai, the ‘Middle-east e-Government and ecrime conferences. He has keynoted at IDG Europe’s security conference in Milan, Gartner’s IAM and the UK Ministry of Justice’s conference at the QE II Centre in London.

Frequently presenting on both information security and disruptive technology topics, his areas of expertise and interest are eclectic and include politics, social media, Big Data, ecrime and aviation.

Assisting The Foreign & Commonwealth Office and UK Trade Invest during the period of Tony Blair as Prime Minister, he represented the British government’s Office of The e-Envoy, (Cabinet Office) as a technology and eGovernment ‘Ambassador’; presenting and speaking at Middle-eastern, GCC, European Union and International Government events and conferences across the globe from Rio to Riyadh.

As an original ‘Futurist’ thinker, Moores has appeared regularly on the BBC News and Sky News’ and has been called-upon as an analyst and technology expert on Channel 4 News, ITV, CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg television and radio.

He is widely recognised for his expertise in online espionage, hi-tech crime and information security issues. He facilitates and chairs the annual international ecrime congress and formerly chaired the ‘Tackling Organised Crime’ conference. Frequently acting in the capacity of 'Trusted Advisor', his many clients have included Symantec, Microsoft Fujitsu, Centrica, Gartner, Sage and KPMG.