Ted Souder is currently the Head of Industry, Retail at Google, where he has worked for over fourteen years. Souder oversees a team that is tasked with helping some of the world’s largest retailers position themselves for a digital future.

Prior to his role in Retail, Souder spent a year in Paris where he oversaw key efforts in Southern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa as the Head of International Strategic Sales and Operations. Souder also served as a regular industry speaker, an employee mentor and was a member of the executive management team for the SEEMEA region. Earlier in his career at Google, Souder held a number of different leadership roles in Sales and Account Management and was responsible for helping open and run Google’s offices in Chicago, Dallas and Detroit.

Souder is an early adopter, having worked in the mid and late 90’s at early online brands AOL and Excite as well as groundbreaking social music start-up, Echo Networks.

Currently Ted Souder is actively involved in various civic and educational organisations. He is Vice Chairman of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Executive Advisory Board of the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management at the University of Denver, a member of Governor Rauners Council on Innovation and Competitiveness and is a board member at 1871, one of the leading business incubators in the world.