Timothy Armoo is the CEO and founder of Fanbytes – one of the world’s leading Influencer marketing agencies, which helps the globe’s most innovative brands win Gen Z hearts on social media, through its network of influencers on Tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.

Fanbytes works with everyone – from Apple and McDonald’s to Deliveroo, Boohoo and the UK Government. Whether it’s making gaming brands the most popular brands on Snapchat or making an artist go viral on Tiktok and YouTube, its blockbuster campaigns have been featured in Forbes, the Evening Standard, and the BBC as leading the new age of youth marketing.

Having sold his first company at the age of 17, Armoo’s rise in the business world has been phenomenal. He created Fanbytes during his second year at Warwick University and in just a few years, the company has won multiple awards and the following accolades for Timothy Armoo:

“Most Influential Person in Marketing and Advertising” – Evening Standard.
“Leading the new school of marketing” – Forbes Magazine.
“Creating the WPP of Gen Z” – Huffington Post.

Armoo’s expertise is in high demand from those wishing to tap into his knowledge through his work as a keynote speaker on Business, Marketing, Social Media, Digital Disruption, Start-ups and Diversity.