Yasmin Vorajee is a HR professional, specialising in Training and Leadership Development. Yasmin’s most recent role was Vice President of Leadership Development with an American bank.

Yasmin is a consultant, trainer, facilitator and speaker and is an expert in mindset development, high performance, leadership and business strategy. After spending 12 years working in the corporate world, Yasmin set up her own business focusing on training and developing entrepreneurs to develop the mindset and skill set needed to succeed in business.

Yasmin has first-hand experience of how a big business works and the specific ways they focus on success and growth through their people. Yasmin’s passion is to pass on that knowledge and expertise to start up and existing entrepreneurs and business owners.

Yasmin is driven by a profound desire to inspire and empower women and show what they can achieve when they silence the critics around them. She was raised in an Indian-Muslim home and has always been one to challenge the status quo and what people perceive can be done.

Yasmin lives by the motto ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ and her life is a testament to the power of choosing what you love and making it happen in the face of all obstacles, both within and without.

Yasmin is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), a licensed NLP practitioner and an accredited trainer and executive coach.