Bernard Thellier was GIGN "major crisis division" top negotiator for a period of 10 years, where he successfully managed serious conflicts.

He is now a consultant and specialized coach in the fields of negotiation, crisis management and team-building for companies like Orange, OTIS, Astrazeneca and BNP Paribas.

Trained in Psychology with a degree in "Specialized Topics Negotiation" delivered by the FBI, Bernard Thellier is a Professor of behavioural psychology at Paris II Panthéon-Assas. He designed strategies derived from his experience and adapted to the corporate world.

Effective training starts with a realistic self-assessment of one's behavior. This is an essential part of successful change management.

Team Building

There is a limit to what one can do by himself. Knowing how to leverage your team’s resources is a smart and powerful capability. Each of us is an important link that makes the “solution-chain” stronger. When team-building is done right, each individual feels engaged and contributes to the collective endeavor.

Human beings possess surprising qualities. Let’s discover them together.


How does a GIGN negotiator becomes a hostage-taker’s single point of contact in a matter of minutes? How does he create an emotional connection and becomes the only person the hostage taker wants to talk to?

Concrete case studies will introduce you to the powerful strategies, tactics, communication and body language techniques used by the French elite tactical unit. You will learn the critical role the unconscious part of our brain plays in decision making.

Stress management

The GIGN negotiator and the business manager have one thing in common: managing their stress and protecting their team from it. You will learn why stress is not related to an event. Stress is related to how we picture it. It starts to become a problem when you don't know how to tackle it. If you change your perceptions, your most profound beliefs, stress will never be a problem anymore.

Risk taking

Risk has always been a part of our lives. We have been taught that risk is bad for us. Nothing can be further from the truth: risk taking is a personal development key factor of success. We need to rethink our approach to risk in our professional and personal lives.


If everyone does his part of the work, then the team's overarching goal will be successfully reached. Team failure occurs when we lose track of the greater goal and start pursuing personal agendas. We sometimes do that with the best intentions... sometimes for for our own comfort. This type of behavior is detrimental to the team's cohesiveness. It jeopardizes its efforts. Each GIGN member knows he must focus on his part of the job to ensure the entire mission success. You will learn methods to instill this work ethic within your team.

Conflict and crisis management

How we perceive an event, an attitude, or a speech depends on our education, culture and personality. Ignoring this fundamental principle can lead to serious consequences. One must strive to understand and empathize with the other person before trying to make his point. You will also learn how to detect early signs of a conflict/crisis to prevent it from occurring.