David Holland is a Trainer, Business Coach and Entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of ‘Results RULES OK’ specialising in Business and Personal Development.

From the age of 6 he began working in the family Business based in Birmingham and when he was told that the business would close as he approached his 16th Birthday, he would have to forget his inheritance and get a job. He ended up in London, sleeping on station platforms and eating at the charity shelters – driving fast cars for local debt collectors, working as an apprentice engineer and doing night shifts at an Essex plants nursery.

David started his career as a Weapons Engineer within Royal Ordnance and progressed through a variety of industries as diverse as Packaging and Logistics Services, Dance Sport (Ballroom and Latin American dresses) to Aviation Services, Business Coaching and International Franchising. He has been a Manager, Director and a CEO of the Worlds No1 Business Coaching Company, Action Coach, he has been a business owner and entrepreneur who has been on stage in 20 countries and worked with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He became Founder and CEO of Results RULES OK in 2010.

At Result Rules OK they enable clients to Improve Sales, Motivate your Team, Guarantee Better Cash Flow, Motivation & Inspiration and to become great in what you do.

He also an award winning Engineer, professional Rock Drummer and author and has written two books, ‘Life Rules OK’ (2011) and ‘Your Business Rules OK’ (2011). He rides a Harley Davidson with a Porsche engine and builds kit cars. He is a qualified designer of boxes for the UK MoD and has a certificate in underwater welding.

David’s presentations are compelling – his story from the charity shelter to the corner office, will inspire and educate everyone to be more than they believe they can be. His business career has taken him around the world, and given him a unique perspective on life, relationships and what it means to be successful both personally and professionally. Using real life and business experiences, unique models and concepts, a practical and engaging style blended with humour, David is both entertaining and educational and will leave you and your team motivated and inspired to put new ideas into practice and get great results.

David can present a keynote presentation based on either of his two books, or can deliver Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Team Building and Personal Development events of varying durations.