Gunter Pauli is an entrepreneur, author, and founder of the Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI) at the UN University in Tokyo and The Global ZERI Network foundation. Its aims are to design and implement practical, affordable and sustainable solutions, for a new economic model of societies and industries of zero emissions, based on natural systems.

His entrepreneurial activities span business, culture, science, politics and the environment.  He was the founder and Chairman of PPA Holding and of more than 10 other companies, founder and CEO of the European Service Industries Forum (ESIF), Secretary General of the European Business Press Federation (UPEFE), founder and president of the Foundation Mozarteum Belgicum, Chairman and President of Ecover, and advisor to the Rector of the UN University in Tokyo.

He has been a visiting lecturer and professor at universities all over the world, and a member of the boards of several NGOs and private companies in Asia, USA and Latin America.  Gunter has published 19 books, which have been printed in over 30 languages and have sold over 17 million copies.  One of his books "The Strongest Tree" is available in over 100 languages.