Lucy Kellaway is an Associate Editor and management columnist of the FT. For the past fifteen years her weekly Monday column has taken a satirical look at management fads and jargon and celebrated the ups and downs of office life. In her 25 years at the FT, Kellaway has been energy correspondent, Brussels correspondent, written for the Lex Column, and an interviewer of business people and celebrities for the Lunch with the FT series and the FT Weekend.

She has won various prizes including Columnist of the Year in the British Press Awards, the Industrial Society WorkWord Award (twice) and the Wincott Young Financial Journalist Award.

Kellaway has written several amusing and well-reviewed books. Her first, Sense and Nonsense in the Office, was followed by Who Moved My Blackberry? in which she followed a year in the life of her fictional creation, Martin Lukes, through his e-mails. A self-obsessed master of corporate double speak and management jargon, Martin is a satire of the type of executive who embraces every new motivational and marketing fad that comes along.

Her third book The Real Office: All The Office Questions You Never Dared To Ask, was described by the Sunday Times as ‘dispensing water-cooler wisdom, not motivational gobbledygook. It gets to the heart of those tricky questions that employees, rather than employers, want answered.