Alexandra Panayotou is a changer of lives. She is an executive and personal mentor, charismatic keynote speaker and ultra-endurance athlete. She has proved that she walks the talk both in her professional and her athletic careers. She has developed a series of corporate and personal development programmes that achieve long-term tangible results. Her method is innovative and unique, and she herself stands out in her capacity to understand people and to help them achieve their objectives. She lives what she teaches, and her energy is unparalleled. Her work draws out the best in the people and groups she works with all over the world.

Masterclass overview
Balance is essential in today’s professional world and is vital to reach and maintain top performance over the long term, despite the high levels of stress that come with the responsibilities of today’s corporate environment. Burnout is the ‘corporate epidemic’ of our times. This unique masterclass focuses on how to deal with the unavoidable effects of stress in today’s corporate world in a realistic, manageable, and sustainable way, and on how to maintain optimum health, energy, and wellbeing as an individual and as a professional.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Knowledge about the effects of stress and imbalance on your company, career, health, and personal life
  • Clear focus on what you need to achieve long-term executive endurance while performing at your maximum level
  • Personalised solutions for prevention of or reversal of any potential problems
  • The knowledge necessary to help identify signs of burnout or stress syndrome in colleagues, employees, or family
  • Commitments for realistic step-by-step changes and a follow-up plan to ensure lasting and tangible results


What is covered?

    • The facts about burnout and stress syndrome – its effects on the company, the careers, and the individuals
    • To identify the signs and symptoms. Prevention is always better than the cure
    • The four vital areas for long-term balance and sustainability; where you find yourself currently; what are your solid areas; and which are your potential weak areas
    • Simple and applicable, bespoke long-term solutions taking into account your character, job, responsibilities, and preferences
    • How to ‘Find Balance in an Unbalanced World’. The aim is to empower each person with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive regardless of whether times are easy or tough

Alexandra Panayotou’s unique experience with clients from all over the world makes this a motivating and interactive masterclass.