Digital marketing and media thought leader, writer of The Social Brand and former Head of Marketing at Red Bull, Huib was named one of the top 100 most influential marketers of 2015. His career kicked o at Unilever before moving to MTV where he developed one of the world’s first social networks. At Red Bull he played a key part in the transition from energy drink business to the respected media player it is today.

Masterclass overview
In just ten years, the everyday landscape has changed fundamentally and with it the way people interact with each other and with brands. Social media have emerged from their infancy – but when it comes to brands and businesses have we fundamentally changed our behavior? In today’s hyper-connected marketplace, it’s not about being ON social media, it’s about BEING social. But how to cut through the endless advertising clutter and avoid the fast-growing ad-blocking trend? A key factor: giving people the ability to truly appreciate your brand’s message, making them WANT to listen. The Brand Bank Account – a tool developed by Huib van Bockel – enables brands to discover their many di erent possibilities, to give value to people, so they make deposits instead of constant withdrawals.

Value and expected outcomes

  • You will learn how to create content and marketing that cuts through and builds long term loyalty
  • You will acquire hands-on tools you can use right away to make your brand truly social and generate a growing community of loyal customers

What is covered?
During the seminar Huib explains the simple four-step process that enables your brand to give something of value to the customer and gives your message the power to cut through the clutter and – crucially – to deliver the Holy Grail of marketing: customer loyalty.

  • The Social Era: what it is and how to harness it
  • Social media: should you even be on it – and if so how?
  • How to penetrate the walls with which people increasingly surround themselves
  • How to stop pushing your brand messages into ever more media outlets. Step back and ask yourself, what value you can add?
  • What is the secret behind the world’s most successful brands like Nike, Red Bull, Apple and Google?
  • How to turn your brand into something bigger to inspire your stakeholders and turn them into committed brand fans
  • How to use the Brand Bank Account to ensure your brand gives more than it takes