MJ specializes in helping others understand the mental models necessary to navigate digital opportunities.

As a cyborg anthropologist, MJ studied shows like Star Trek at university, but not (just) for fun. Their field of study addresses the complex relationships between humans and machines, exploring how we shape technology and how it is reshaping us.

He help organizations increase their Digital Fluency in preparation for future technologies, attending not just to tools but also the thinking, skills, data, and business models which comprise new value creation.
MJ's work focuses on raising the lowest common denominator of Digital Fluency for individuals, teams, and entire organizations.

Since founding Causeit, Inc. in 2006, MJ has shifted thinking for hundreds of global enterprises, including NTT, Accenture, Volkswagen, the Gates Foundation, SWIFT, and several major financial and media companies, raising Digital Fluency among hundreds of thousands of professionals.

MJ sits on the Accenture Tech Vision Advisory Board and is a faculty member at Singularity University.

Speaking Topics:

Digital Fluency
Digital transformation is creating a world where businesses must test new, exponential strategies while maintaining incremental business functions to keep the lights on. How can we manage this balance between old and new? To lead our companies into the future, we need to increase our digital fluency across five pillars: thinking, skills, tools, data and business models.

Futurist and Cyborg Anthropologist MJ Petroni provides the tools to help you get started. He’ll show you how to unlock new potential for yourself and your organization and raise your digital fluency. If you want to lead in a digital world, you need more than catchphrases—you need fluency, or you’ll never be able to cause the “disruptive” movements people talk about.

Trending Technologies: From the Mouths of Nerds
It can be difficult to sort fast-fading fads from technologies that might spark the next digital revolution. From cutting-edge fields like quantum computing to emerging tech like augmented reality, there's always something new and exciting in the headlines. Knowing the basics of these technologies, how they can be used and their future potential is essential for leaders who need to make smart decisions about which technologies to invest in and how they should be applied.

Futurist and Cyborg Anthropologist (It's a real thing, we promise.) MJ Petroni will take you on a lively and easy-to-understand tour of the tech that's getting attention and answer your questions. Even the ones you're too shy to ask your colleagues.

The Future of Work: Distributed, Not Disrupted
The global COVID-19 pandemic pushed most companies to adopt work-from-home policies and flex schedules, and the growth of the gig economy may be changing the way we think about work altogether. It's clear that most industries need Digital Fluency rather than traditional mental models to ensure productivity, efficiency and collaboration. What's less clear is how these changes will affect workers and employers, and how emerging technologies like machine coworkers, AR/VR and the metaverse will shape how we work in any setting.

Join Futurist and Cyborg Anthropologist MJ Petroni for a lively and interactive discussion about new and future ways to work together and the technologies that will enable them.