Nienke Bloem CCXP CSP MBA is often called the Customer Experience Guru. She is a global keynote speaker on Customer Centricity and inspires audiences with best practices and proven methodologies. As a CX entrepreneur, her business has grown exponentially the last years. She leads a speaking practice, a CX game company, a CX training business and is an associate partner of a CX boutique consultancy firm. So, you could say ‘she breathes CX’. She is one of the eleven Resource and Training Partners of the CXPA who can train others to gain their CCXP accreditation. Her CX Masterclasses receive five-star reviews and help customer experience managers and teams on their journey towards customer centricity. In 2021 she walked a pilgrim's path, the Via Francigena in Italy. In 2022 she published a book about her insights and the parallels with CX: CX is a pilgrimage.

She has a well-read blog and started her CX YouTube channel, to freely share customer experience practices around the world. With her 20 years’ experience in strategic change management positions within telecom, travel, financial and IT businesses, she knows how businesses work and speaks the corporate language. But on stage, her talks are inspiring and hands-on. It is her aim to Make Customer Experience Work and help you deliver business results, by creating great Customer Experiences.