Oscar van Weerdenburg is an international speaker specialising in the field of cross cultural management, leadership development and negotiation.

He is a visiting professor on the Executive Education Programs of INSEAD, and has lectured at the Michigan Business School and the Rotterdam School of Management. Together with Fons Trompenaars he is one of the most frequently in-demand speakers on cultural issues at large international corporate conferences.

Oscar has worked with a wide range of international companies that operate in complex multicultural environments – including Royal Dutch Shell, HSBC, Qantas, BASF, PepsiCo, DaimlerChrysler, ABN AMRO and Goldman Sachs. In particular, he has been involved in various leadership development programs, helping top managers deal with the issues arising from the integration of various European firms. Using a range of instruments for assessing cultural differences and analyzing dilemmas. Oscar has assisted several companies in their merger processes.

In addition, much of Oscar’s experience has been in the area of in-house learning and development to help organisations and their members successfully recognise and profit from the different corporate and national cultural background they encounter. Creating and delivering services such as in-house cross-cultural competence centres and train-the-trainer programs, he has helped to bring a higher level of understanding of cross-cultural issues in the work place and increase business performance.

Oscar is a graduate of the Amsterdam and Heidelberg universities. He has published numerous articles on intercultural management, literature and philosophy, and for many years wrote for de Volkskrant, one of the major daily newspapers in the Netherlands. He is fluent in English, Dutch and German.