Priya became a motivational speaker at 24 years of age, making her the youngest motivational speaker in India in 1998.She conducts workshops with multi national corporate houses across the world. Her areas of expertise are corporate training, leadership, motivation, team-building, and personal breakthrough. She engages people in activities like fire walking, glass walking, steel bar bending and board break for strengthening their body and mind, all for attaining peak performance in life. All her sessions are based on experiential learning where people learn lessons not via theory or lectures but by direct experience of the concept. Priya’s writing style is compared to that of Paulo Coelho and Deepak Chopra.

Kumar is also a fire walking instructor, trained by the Sundoor firewalking school (a US-based educational centre ). She is India’s first certified fire walk instructor.

Priya has authored seven books out of which three are non fiction and four are fiction. Her style of writing is very versatile, where she has authored four inspirational fiction books, she has penned a book of original quotes, written two biographies and a non fiction tale of her adventures with the shamans.