Charles Hazlewood is a British conductor of international renown. He has conducted some of the greatest classical repertoires with some of the best orchestras in the world. Beyond this, he is a visionary with a mission to break new ground in orchestral music, and to break new ground using music.

Hazlewood is not only well-known for what he has achieved but how he has achieved it. He has always eschewed the dictator model of conducting; evolving a creative leadership style that has been the foundation of his success.

Hazlewood believes that music can overcome barriers of language, class and culture and has proved this over his career in many ground-breaking projects: an opera company recruited from black townships in South Africa that won the Golden Bear Award for best film of a classical opera; a pay-what-you-can orchestral music festival attended by thousands of people who had never heard an orchestra live before; and the world’s first orchestra of disabled musicians, who played alongside Coldplay at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympics and continue to tour the world.


What Heston Blumenthal is to food, Charles Hazlewood is to music'. - The Guardian

'Charles gave an excellent presentation. We didn't expect to be moved to tears.' - Chief Executive, GCMA

'Like Davos with community singing' Niall Ferguson

'Charles Hazlewood is a dazzling speaker and performer. He engages and excites his audiences, and they catch his energy and intelligence so that the room is more upbeat and uplifted when he finishes. We’re big fans.’ - Founder, Names Not Numbers

‘Normally when the speaker is wheeled in, it’s all very predictable and patronising.  However, Charles ran a 2 hour work shop that managed to get the group of over 20 global managers working together more positively - it was all we could talk about at dinner, evoking debate and conversation. Charles' presentation was personal but professional as well as motivating and thoroughly engaging. He focussed and brought attention to working as a team, together in harmony.' - Group PR + Events Director, Mulberry

“Hazlewood’s musical interests are engagingly diverse. When he’s not conducting prestigious orchestras, he can be found promoting new music festivals on his farm in Somerset, or collaborating with the rapper Kanye West.” — Telegraph