Lawrence Leyton is a leading expert in the psychology of fear. He is best known for his prime-time TV special on channel 4 called ‘Fear of Flying’ and this led to a strategic partnership with easyJet where his company runs their highly successful ‘fearless flyer’ program under their brand. Leyton helps over 2,000 people a year to overcome their fear of flying using his unique techniques.

He also works one-two-one with many top sporting personalities, helping them over-come various mental barriers, so Leyton understands fear and how it can affect performance. His techniques have even been featured on the ITV news!

Leyton has now transferred his huge wealth of experience working with different audiences to working with blue-chip companies helping them to manage organisational changes. He helps people through the fear of uncertainty, the fear of change and even the fear of failure in the workplace. He will talk through the psychological process of fear in the workplace and demonstrate ‘Live’ some techniques that top athletes use to help them perform better and how they turn fear to their advantage.

His presentation is highly interactive, motivational and above all fun! It will also give a fascinating insight into your mind, whilst at the same time leaving the audience with strong take home messages. He demonstrates some amazing psychological tests that constantly challenge the audience and helps them to reframe how they think. People literally can’t believe how their minds have been deceived and this helps them to realise how they create their own fear!