Born in 1975, Raphaël Enthoven is an alumnus of the Ecole Normale Superieure. A philosophy graduate, he taught at the University of Lyon III for two years, then at the University of Paris VII Jussieu. In 2002 and 2003 he taught several philosophy classes at People’s University of Caen, founded by Michel Onfray. Having at first distanced himself from it, Enthoven joined France Culture TV station and became co-producer of the show ‘Friday philosophy’ (2003 to 2006). He taught at Sciences Po from 2000-03 and from 2005-07, and at the Ecole Polytechnique from 2007-10. He also hosted a series of meetings at the National Library of France on the question of the “meaning of life” from 2004-09.

Enthoven produced the show ‘Political Meeting Place’ on France Culture in partnership with the Express during the 2006-7 election year, then became monthly columnist for the Express in 2009. From 2007-11 he produced and hosted ‘New Paths of Knowledge’, a daily program on France Culture.

Since 2008 Enthoven has hosted the program “Philosophy” on Arte and since 2012 ‘The Joy of Knowledge’ on Sunday on France Culture. He is Contributing Editor of Philosophy Magazine where he wrote the ‘Meaning of Life’ column from 2006-2010.

Since 2013, he teaches philosophy at the bilingual school Jeannine Manuel, A school associated with the Unesco.
Enthoven is a prominent figure in young contemporary French philosophy. His critical view of the world combined with an educational requirement to communicate philosophy and humanities to the world have made him one of the brightest intellectuals of his generation.

Enthoven has published a dozen books, alone or together, and produces audio CDs of interviews on the thought of Plato, Sartre, Montaigne, Spinoza, Kant, Descartes and Diderot.