Uli Hoeness is without a doubt a visionary and a leading personality in the world of football. As an enthusiastic footballer, Uli began his career in 1970 as a professional player for FC Bayern. After 239 Bundesliga games and 86 goals he became, at the age of 27, manager of FC Bayern Munich. As a committee member of the DFB for some years now, he is well-known as a major driving force behind the German Bundesliga.

Alongside his career as a top football manager, Uli is also a business entrepreneur. He founded with his business partner, the sausage factory HOWE with its famous speciality: the Nürnberger Sausage. These sausages are successfully sold on a world-wide base.

Uli is a regular contributor to a number of best-selling magazines and a sought-after talk show guest. Drawing on his experiences both in football and business, he is in great demand by organisations eager to benefit from his ability to motivate. In his presentations, Uli demonstrates the importance of teamwork, leadership and coaching. He shows decision makers how to maximise their potential to achieve outstanding results through inspiration and motivation.