Philippe Bloch, received his MBA from ESSEC Business School in Paris, France, in 1982.

So far, he has given more than 3000 keynotes and moderations in conventions in France, Europe, and North America which gathered more than 2 millions participants.

Since he has been sharing his life between his author-speaker-animator activities (since his best seller book “Service Compris” came out) and his entrepreneur role (at Colombus Café) for 30 years, Philippe Bloch demonstrated an atypical legitimity as a speaker and moderator in the French market.

Recognized in the business world as an observer and an expert passionate by management, Philippe gathers professionalism, experience in journalism, and practitioner’s common sense.

Using humor, multiple examples and anecdotes during his presentations, he manages to open a window to the external world, which is important to efficiently to deliver a message in a convention.

Fluent in English and French, Philippe is naturally recognised as the best to speak about excellence, service quality, and “team spirit”. As a moderator, he knows how make the speakers comfortable and can quickly set a real bound with the audience.

He served as a Commercial Attaché for the French Embassy in New York in 1982 and 1983.

While acting as the Publisher of “L’Expansion Magazine” for three years, he published his first book “Service Compris” in 1986 (the most successful business book in France to date, selling over 500,000 copies) and started PBRH Conseil (a training, consulting and publishing firm specializing in customer service quality) in 1987.

His second book (“Dinosaures & Chameleons – 9 paradoxes to succeed in an unpredictable world”) was published in 1991.

Philippe has since given more than 1,800 conferences all over Europe focusing mostly on customer service, excellence, management and entrepreneurship, and has acted as “Master of Ceremony” for numerous major national and international conventions.

He founded Columbus Café at the end of 1993, and opened his first two stores in Paris and Lille in october 1994, successfully introducing the gourmet coffee concept for the first time in France. The company now operates 65 units in France and the Middle East.

His third book “Bienheureux les Fêlés…” tells the story of his entrepreneurial ventures in a country that does not always promote initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.

He has left Columbus Café in June 2004, and is now working on numerous activities, including his conferences and “Master of Ceremony” activities, various articles in business magazines, a weekly radio show on BFM Radio (“L’Entreprise BFM”) and BFM TV (“Valeurs Ajoutées”).

Philippe also acts as a business angel in France, mostly focusing on internet companies.

He recently launched a website called Bookee (

His next book “Service compris 2.0” is available since November 2010 and has been unusually published as an application (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), an e-book and a printed book.

In 2013, Philippe publishes « Ne me dites plus jamais bon courage ! » subtitled « Lexique anti-déprime à usage immédiat des Français. »

In 2015, Philippe published « Tout va mal… Je vais bien ! », subtitled « Comment vivre heureux dans un monde de merde ».